The why, what, how and where of technology adoption.

Image Source: Cisco Systems 

Training is all about how, technology adoption is about much more than how, it’s about Why, What, How and Where.


Why has the organisation decided to make the investment in the chosen technology?

Decision makers know the justification and reasoning for the investment in the technology but this may not have been directly communicated to those who will use the technology.

 Articulating the key business objectives that have resulted in the investment decision provides the users with some context and can aid with their motivation to use the new technology. Examples may be cost of business pressures, competitive advantage or productivity targets.  Articulating why can increase buy-in.


What is now possible that could not have been achieved without the technology investment?

What benefits will accrue to the business from the decision to invest in the chosen technology?

What are the training requirements to use and support the technology?

What benefits will accrue to the individual users of the technology?

Use of the technology can be mandated but having and understanding and articulating the benefits to the users will lead to greater uptake. The vendor has sold the benefits for the business now it’s time to sell it to the users to realise that benefit.  The goal should be to have users that want to use the technology rather than resent the use of it.


How will the technology be implemented?

How will training be conducted?

How will users be supported during and after the initial deployment of the technology?


Where can I find more information about the technology deployment?

Where do I go for help if I encounter difficulties while using the technology?

Where are the training resources located?

Training is something that occurs after implementation, technology adoption starts right after the decision has been made to invest in technology.  It’s as much about communication, management and support as it is about training. The most important how in technology adoption is: How well are you communicating to, encouraging and supporting the users.

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